Comments from my clients


“I am very satisfied with the whole service but particularly the treatment of a corn which has not returned. I always feel so much better walking after attending podiatry.”

Angela – August 2016


“The whole service is first class. Nicola is a very nice person”

Arthur – August 2016


” I was recommended by a friend who has been a customer. Nicola has a professional approach to the task and has good customer relations. She is not simply a ‘nail cutter’ and applies her knowledge and intelligence with great professionalism.”

John – August 2016


“Very caring treatment and she keeps my feet as comfortable as possible. Very pleasant and friendly.”

Linda – July 2016


“It’s a pity a service like this is not available on the NHS. It’s perfect.”

Rosie – July 2016


“Nicola is very caring and courteous and is very good at looking after both mine and my husbands feet. It’s a treat to go and relax and chat while the job is being done”

Kathy & Jon – July 2016


“Nicola is always very professional, courteous and friendly. Her treatment of my feet is always gentle and pain-free. She recognises existing and potential problems and deals with them so that my feet are always comfortable and truly ‘happy feet’.”

David – August 2013


“Nicola has gently pared away the two corns (one on the bottom of each foot) which I have been putting up with for a long time. Now at last I can walk in comfort!”

Fred – August 2013


“I just wanted to say thank you for clearing up my multiple verrucae. I had had them from childhood and undergone various treatments, none of which worked, and was finding them painful and embarrassing. It has taken quite a long time, but both you and I were determined and at last I am declared verrucae free! This will make a difference to my life as I now feel that I can take my grandchildren swimming without passing verrucae on to them, or any other swimmers. Thanks again, and thanks also for diagnosing my other foot complaint.”

Marion – July 2013


“I have been a client of Nicola’s for over a year now, and I find her to be friendly, caring and very professional. Best of all, my feet are in good hands – literally!”

Muriel – June 2013


“I have been receiving treatment for an ingrown toenail and well used feet for 18 months. Nicola is always gentle, very professional and cheerful. When I leave I am walking on air!”

Linda – April 2013


“Walking on air! That’s an expression used frequently, but that’s exactly how I feel when Nicola has attended to my feet. Service is excellent and always a pleasant and warm experience.”

Rose – April 2013


“Having been a client of Nicola since 2010, my feet have been so much more comfortable. She is extremely professional and is also a very caring person. I bless the day I met her.”

Margaret – March 2013


“After excellent treatment from Nicola, my feet are now pain free and in the best of health.”

Susan – Feb 2013